Search for music on YouTube now with emojis

This year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a new platform conjoined to YouTube which collates their expansive and varied music content all into one place. It essentially created a dedicated music streaming service within YouTube, with the added benefit of live shows, cover songs, and more that traditional streamers don’t have. The service has just gotten more… “advanced” with an updated search allowing you to find music using emojis.

With the new search you can simply put a baby emoji into YouTube Music and you’ll be presented with Justin Bieber’s Baby and Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. Put a firework emoji into the search bar and you can be sure to find Katy Perry’s 2010 hit song ready for your listening pleasure.

Google have been making YouTube Music’s search as smart and simple as possible so that when you want to jam out to a track there’s as little delay as possible. If you’ve got the line from a song stuck in your head but can’t think for the life of you who it’s by or what it is called, with YouTube Music search you can type in the lyrics and if they have the lyrics in their database (they do for most songs) – et voila! There it is, ready to be played.

As Google flesh out and expand YouTube Music’s functionality, we have to wonder whether they will bring these features to Google Play Music. GPM is Google’s dedicated music streaming service which is tied in with YouTube in a number of ways, including music video offerings on artist pages and searches. Currently Google Play Music doesn’t seem to have neither emoji searching nor lyric searching functions.