My Favorite Songs of the Decade

I listen to a ton of music, so I wrote a mountain of words about my favorite songs released from 2010 through 2016.

This may be a case of biting off more than I can chew, but I wanted to see if I could cover my 100 favorite songs released since January 1, 2010. This was a fun process, because, unlike last decade, I remember when these songs first came out, and what it was like discovering them. On New Years Day 2010, I was halfway through my senior year of high school. These are the songs that have shaped the first six-plus years of my “adult” life.

I guess maybe it’s important to mention that I don’t think these are the “best” songs of the decade, just my favorites. I say this because I have a soft spot for a lot of less-than-stellar music, and there were a couple incredible songs that had to get cut. So again, this is 100% opinion. I know others will disagree. I also thought it was important to make the distinction because calling these the best songs of the decade implies I’ve heard all that the past seven years has had to offer. That’s definitely not the case. I know next week I’ll find some album from 2013 that I’ll fall in love with. It happens.

A couple notes: For dates, I used the album release date. A lot of these songs are singles, and they may have been released in the year prior to the album they were on. In all cases, the year listed is the year the album was released. To listen to each song, click the arrow next to the song title. That will open up YouTube.

I’m an avid Spotify user. I’ve tried the other major streaming services and I think they all suck. I’m sorry. To listen to this list in Spotify format, click here. It clocks in at a magnificent seven hours and five minutes.